Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Use A Wallpaper Border For A Budget Backsplash

You can add some splash to your kitchen without spending a lot of money by applying a simple wallpaper border for a backsplash. You can get a pretty good bargain on borders in the closeout bin at your wallpaper store or home improvement center, but make sure they have enough of the border to go around the area you want to cover as these bargains are usually close outs and you might not be able to get more!
Since most wallpapers come pre-pasted, applying the border is easy. A backsplash area is usually pretty small so this project can be done in an afternnon. When selecting your border, think about your overall theme or color scheme of the kitchen. You want to pick something that complements it and, of course, pick one that is washable so that you can easily remove all the "splashes" that occur during normal kitchen activities.
To prepare your wall area for the wallpaper border, clean the wall thoroughly first. You can just wash them with soap and water but make sure you get any gunk or grease spots off. If there are any big holes in the plaster, you might want to patch them, but little holes are OK and the border will cover them up nice! Remove the coverings to any light switches or electrical outlets.
Measure out your wall paper so it is a couple of inches longer that the actual size of the backsplash and cut. Apply the paper to the wall per the manufactuers instructions. If your paper has a pattern, make sure you match the pattern on the cut edges in corners or where you couldn't use the continuous roll. Butt the bottom of the border up against your counter. If there are any windows or moldings in the area you are papering, you will want to overlap any paper that is against them. Make sure you smooth the paper out with a wet sponge or wallpaper brush to remove any bubbles and wrinkles. After putting the border up, take a wet sponge and smooth it out to the edge - always move the sponge from the paper to the wall so that the edge doesn't buckle up. Make sure the edges have enough paste on them so that they don't peel back after it is dry.
Cut off excess paper around any moldings, window and in the electrical outlets and switches.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

How To Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings are made up mainly of chalk, clay and an aggregate. To remove it you have to wet it, which turns it into a soft gooey mess. It's not going to be an easy project, but with a little preparation you can control the mess.
Start by removing anything possible from the room. Protect the floor and anything that had to stay in the room with a thick sheet of plastic. Lay out some old newspaper on the floor on top of the plastic to soak most of the wet mess up.
A note of caution - if your popcorn ceiling is from the early 70's it may contain asbestos. If you suspect your ceiling may be from that era, remove a small piece of the popcorn ceiling and send it in for testing. If it does contain asbestos, it will have to be removed by professionals who can also dispose of it properly to reduce the cancer risk asbestos can pose for you and your family.
Wear some old clothes, a hat to keep the goop out of your hair, and protective eyewear. A respirator of some sort or at least a mask to keep most of the dust particles out of your lungs is a good idea as well.
Use a spray bottle and completely saturate part of the ceiling. Let it soak in for a few minutes and then use a scrapper tool to scrape the gooey mess of your ceiling. A drywall-finishing knife works well. Hold a bucket under the tool to catch most of the removed popcorn ceiling. Work in small section and keep repeating the process until the popcorn ceiling is removed. Use a wet sponge to wipe off any remaining residue on the ceiling.
You may have to rewet some parts of the ceiling to get the popcorn to soften up enough to remove it. Try not to wet it more than 2 to 3 times. You don't want the drywall beneath to get too saturated with water. It may warp or grow mold.
Once the entire popcorn ceiling is removed, let the ceiling dry completely. Now it's time to sand the entire surface to remove any rough patches. A pole sander works great for this. Give the dust a chance to settle and then use a joint compound to patch any wholes, cracks etc that may have formed on the ceiling. Let the compound dry for about an hour, then lightly sand over it to smooth it out.
Once you get the mess on the floor cleaned up your new smooth ceiling is ready to be painted.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

5 Quick Weekend Projects For the Home

What does the term "weekend project" do to you? Does it fill you with kittenish delight? Or does it make your chest feel like someone's sitting on it?
Weekend projects don't typically take the entire weekend. Of the literally dozens of potential home improvement project that you could tackle over a weekend, here are five quick and easy ones that won't take you away from enjoying your weekend.
Unclog the showerhead: If the water pressure during your morning showers has been declining steadily, you might need to clear up mineral buildup on the showerhead.
Get some distilled white vinegar, a rubber band and a plastic bag. Place the showerhead in the plastic bag that's filled with vinegar, and tie it shut with the rubber band. After soaking overnight, your showerhead should be void of any mineral buildup, and since vinegar is a natural cleaner and disinfectant, you won't be harming the environment.
Install energy-efficient light bulbs: A lot of us have already done this one to some extent. Both compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are gradually coming down in price, making them an even more worthy investment.
This doesn't really get much easier. Unscrew the old, inefficient incandescent bulb. Replace with new, super-efficient bulb. Rejoice in the money and energy savings.
Install LED under-cabinet lighting: I've talked about this one before, and it bears repeating. The counter area beneath your kitchen cabinets is an ideal place for lighting. This cost-effective and energy-efficient upgrade will rejuvenate the look of your kitchen.
After a bit of planning (how many LED discs and mounting brackets do you need, for example), this job shouldn't take you more than two or three hours-even less if you have a helping hand.
Update your kitchen with a new faucet: You might be surprised at the difference a new faucet can make in your everyday life in the kitchen. And with a massive selection of next-generation kitchen faucets available (water-efficient and pull-out fixtures, for example), it's well worth investing an hour or two to install one.
A number of plumbing manufacturers have simplified the installation process with fixtures that can be put in quickly and easily by even the most inexperienced layman.
Flush your water heater: When I first saw this project, I immediately put it on my must-do list. It had me at improved efficiency. This is a twice-a-year project that's surely worth the effort.
This is a multi-step process so for the skinny on how to flush your water heater, visit the blog at ConsumerReports.org.
Until next time, Happy Home Improving!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Roof: Face Lift for a Home!

Thousands of homeowners all over the globe want to own a house that captures the attention of passersby. An older house that undergoes a makeover can bring back its original beauty or even exceed the curb appeal of the original home. One of the most crucial aspects of any building is the rooftop. This is the part most likely to be seen by people, even at a distance. For anyone who strives for perfection, the chance of having a new and better looking roofing system installed on a building can be a lifetime achievement.
This new structure can add exceptional beauty to the exterior that can deliver a feeling of pride in such an appearance. Because of the advances in technology within the construction industry, a structure can be built that not only has a catchy, unique design but also has a great ventilation system. There exists the capability to give any house quality and efficiency while adding attractiveness and elegance via the addition of a brand new roof.
Because a roof is one of the more expensive parts of a building structure, it is essential to choose the best possible structure that meets any budget plan.
Choose a Design
Knowing budget allowances for a new structure, a roof design can be selected to achieve whatever look is desired for the house. Many people elect to match the design of the roof to the exterior of the home. Material selection is a similar process with many also selecting materials that match the exterior of the home to give it a great curb appeal as well.
There are several things that can be done when designing this new structure that covers the top of a home. First, try to picture a three-dimensional image about the style of the roof at different angles then match it with various aspects of the home's interior and exterior. Choose a design that looks appealing and attractive at first glance.
Choose a Color
The true beauty of a home can be complimented by choosing a color that suits each home's own character. Roofing material comes in a variety of colors from which to select the product and the color that best suits each individual house. This might be a good time to ask for ideas from a contractor to be sure that the choice is the right color for the style and design of the roof as well as the house.
Choose a Style and Shape
For a house that stands out from the crowd, make something that fulfills that desire rather than something that is popular and stylish in design magazines. There are six different styles and shapes from which to make a selection. Each one of them has various functions based on the each local region. To make a design truly unique, mix two or more roofing styles and shapes. This certainly will make a home unique and is bound to grab the attention of friends and neighbors. When all the renovations are complete, this new look will deserve and receive many second glances!
One of the most common considerations when installing a new roof is its durability. It is important to think about not only about how the new structure will look; it is also valuable to consider how durable and functional it will be. How many years can this structure and the materials used last? Does it have the ability to resist the various kinds of roofing problems brought on by the power of Mother Nature?
When having a new roof installed on a house, it is always a prudent step to seek the advice of roofing professional. These contractors are trained and equipped to handle all aspects of roofing design and installation. Take years off the outer appearance of a home - give it a face lift with a new roofing system today!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Enhancing Your New Home

Today, most homes, especially in subdivisions and apartment complexes, have the same building structures and styles. For the sake of efficiency, most subdivisions are becoming replicated. Nothing is exclusive or unique style. If you live in a home development project, your home could have the same layout and design as your neighbor's. This does not mean that home projects are not good, they are simply not unique and special making them so ordinary and monotonous. Thus, if you want to be special from the rest, here are some considerations to enhance your new home.
New homes are ideal - new environment, new furniture, and new accessories. Also, there's the comfort and safety you can feel living in a suburb where everything seems good. However, this makes your home competitive for real estate value. Consult your local assessor's office and try to browse through your suburb and you will usually see that the housing projects are estimated at uniform values. Thus, because the real estate market is so competitive, if you roam around, most houses are just replicates as well as many "for sale" sign boards. So, it is significant to put your own design to your home.
Make your home unique from your neighbor so that it will have charm and personality. However when the time comes that you want to sell your home, you can appraise your home for a higher value.
A great way to turn your drab home style into something exceptional is to go back in time. Since modern homes don't have their own story or what you call as their "soul," you need to create your own. Thus, although your house could be modern, your interior could be antique or classical to create a historic appeal. As an alternative, restore a modern window with a stained glass to project a bucolic appeal. Place some carved woodwork on your table tops. Replace the contemporary carpet or linoleum with wooden floor. Place some carved d├ęcor around your fireplace. The finer details are usually gives your home uniqueness - it projects your love of details.
However, even in classical homes, you still need some modern touch. A remarkable way to renovate your drab home is to transform and modernize the house furniture. Kitchens are huge selling points but these should have dishwasher, range and other modern tools in the kitchen. However, if you install some modern fixtures you could turn a drab kitchen into an efficient space bringing your home more unique.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tips In Hiring Reliable Contractors

Homeowners want to get a residential property that satisfies their needs. Value for money is a top priority for most people looking to buy a home these days. Who could blame them?
Today, it's just natural for people to take the extra steps to ensure they're not wasting their hard earned money on a property with hidden problems. Being the place that provides shelter to their families, they want a home that is durable and well maintained to protect them from natural calamities.
If you're planning to do some renovation work, however, it's your responsibility to get a trusted and reliable contractor. You wouldn't want to compromise your home to anybody who won't be able to fix your house properly. In these days of scams, it's best to be sure that you're getting the right contractor who can do his job well and at the right price.
Get four references if possible. Experts know that when hiring contractors, they normally provide three references. For a change, you can ask for four. As most of these references are the usually ones who give them a positive feedback for their first work, try to ask the contractor that the fourth reference should be a person that called them back to repair a problem. This will let you know how the contractor followed up with the homeowner until the issue was solved.
Ask a friend or family member to assist you. You should do this if you live alone. Let a friend or a sibling stay with you when you meet and interview potential contractors. Women need to have a male present if possible and make sure you keep all your valuables before you let the contractor come in your home. When they inspect your house, go with them so you know what they're doing.
Verify their license. A contractor needs to have the proper license so be sure to check this document as well as their local operating permit. An honest contractor should not hesitate to show you his credentials at your first meeting. You can check this at the office of the state's secretary.
Check the Better Business Bureau. Another office where you can check the credentials of potential contractors is the Better Business Bureau. You can check from not just one bureau but even from the other bureaus in nearby states because it's normal for contractors and their crew to move around.
Ask about contractor coverage. Apart from the license, you can also check if the contractor has surety bonds, performance bonds and workers' compensation. If you don't know where to verify this, consult your insurance agent.
Contractors should buy the supplies. This is the norm but a word of caution, don't give the money to the contractor. What you can do instead is to set a time to meet with the contractor at the supply store and be the one to pay the materials. You can then arrange for the supplies to be delivered to your home only on the day they will be needed.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Cool Ways To Give Your Bedroom A New Feel

The rains are abating, the weather's getting warmer, and with June right around the corner, now is the perfect time to update your bedroom for the summer season. Here are 5 cool ways to give your bedroom a new feel for the summer holidays.
Pick A Theme
Why not pick a new theme? You could go with something European, something Country, or maybe even try out some different Asian bedroom furniture sets. Each theme has its own unique touches and summery flair. Try a new, modern European dresser and mirror combo, or perhaps a new set of Country nightstands made of warm, honey-colored oak. Or try a taste of the orient with bamboo-based tatami mats, matched Shoji screens (room-dividers) and paper-skinned oriental lamps. When it comes to Asian bedroom furniture sets, you can't go wrong with a perfectly laid tatami floorplan with appropriate lighting accessories. If you have the funds, try out Japanese platform beds for a summer-soothing night's rest!
Pillow Talk!
Let's talk pillows! There are so many different kinds to update your bedroom with! European pillows or shams are typically 26"x26" square and make a great addition to a European-themed room. Try a vibrant summer color such as lime green, teal, or a nice, sunny orange. You may also like to try an extra set of pillows in a contrasting color for your Country-styled theme. Think warm florals, or vibrant primary colors. Make sure not to overdo it!
Particularly well-matched for Asian bedroom furniture sets, hugging pillows come in many different shapes and sizes. The following pillows work great with Asian bedroom furniture sets. Try out summer-colorful Dakimakura hugging pillows from Japan, Guling pillows from Indonesia, or Abrazador long hugging pillows from the Philippines. For the truly adventurous, a Shitou Zentou (Chinese rock pillow) is meant to cure headache or depression, and is rumored to increase intelligence. The Shitou's are typically made from jade though, so make sure you can afford it!
Art Deco-ration
One of the easiest ways to give your bedroom a new feel for summer is to change up the art in the bedroom. Summery prints with flowers, natural scenery, or even seaside depictions make great art additions to the bedroom for the warmest months of the year. You can leave up photos of special events or people, but try heading down to your local art store for affordable to not-so-affordable options. Prints are a great idea when original art is expensive. Make sure to pick a festively colored frame, or at least a summery vibrant matte. The framing/matting can make all the difference to whether a print pops-out with summer flair, or if it looks like it's been hung haphazardly on any which wall.
Paint The Walls Bright
Bland bedrooms are easily made bright and summer-ready with a brand new coat of summery paint! For greens, try sea green, parsley, mint, or chic lime. For a bright splash, try lemon freeze or daffodil. For summery blues try a deep indigo blue, teal, or fun turquoise.
Summer-Inspired Window Treatments
Summer-inspired window treatments go a long way providing a summery change of feel to your bedroom. Lace or sheer curtains look light and airy, and are definitely July-appropriate. Mother of Pearl buttons sewn onto lightweight linen or other light filtering fabrics give a casual beachy look. Wooden slat blinds are also very summer-beach appropriate. Or try woven shades in bright patterns or solid colors with accenting shade ties. For the Japanese-inspired bedroom, bamboo or other natural fiber roll-down blinds are especially appropriate to dress up those Asian bedroom furniture sets for the summer.

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